Conducted Trainings

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TitleThematic AreaDisciplineDurationMFT
B.T.Cotton improved crop technologyIntegrated crop management 527027
Fish farmingComposite fish culture 549049
Weed managementWeed management 226026
District level farmers trainingIntegrated crop management 229029
FIG, BeekeepingBee-keeping 121021
District level farmers trainingNursery Management 230030
FIG, DairyDisease Management  123023
FIG, VegetableOff-season vegetables 127027
FIG, FruitsCultivation of Fruit 127027
FIG, MushroomMushroom Production 118018
FIG, StitchingRural Crafts  102525
District level farmers trainingPropagation techniques of Ornamental Plants  202828
FIG, FisheriesCarp fry and fingerling rearing 118018
FIG, Fruits & Vegetables preservationMinimization of nutrient loss in processing  102626
FIG, Organic FarmingSoil fertility management 125025
Paravet cum A.I. TrainingParavets 4525025
Tailor LadiesTailoring and Stitching 8002525
District level farmers trainingStorage loss minimization techniques 202222
District level farmers trainingIntegrated Crop Management  225025
FigIntegrated Disease Management  121021
Training & Prunning Training & Prunning  225025
Bee-keepingBee-keeping 227027
Drudgery reductionLactation specific 202525
Precise water management in field cropWater Management 225025
Training on compost makingSoil fertility management 226026

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